Fluid Management

The Easiest Way to Manage Your Frac Fluid from Source to Well 
Water is such a critical part of the E&P business that engineers often joke about being in the water business with hydrocarbon byproducts. Tracking your fluids into wells during completion and then back out during production is what DeepData’s Fluid Management software does. It can connect to smart meters, providing instant insight, while enabling planning and reporting so you never run out of water during a frac…which creates huge standby costs. Manage your fluids, don’t let them manage you.

Frac Fluid Management Made Easy

Visual Navigator

Click on any water source, frac pond, upcoming well completion or recycled fluid source and get instant insight: current levels, flows in and out, and see the relationships with the entire fluid management chain. Insight into historical and future fluid requirements make planning easy.

Integrates with Smart Meters

Connect with any smart meter: flow meters, pond level meters, whatever you have. By leveraging the SCADA data from these devices, we give you the most up to date information, with just the click of a mouse.

Dashboard and Alerts Keep You Informed

The Fluid Management dashboard gives you a single snapshot of past and future fluid flows and upcoming demands. Alerts let you know if you need to pump water from one frac pond to another, or whether your upcoming wells won’t have sufficient fluid.

Fluid Key Metrics

With the click of a mouse, you can get all sorts of key metrics about your fluid sources, storage, and consumption. You instantly know average pump down volumes, frac fluid requirements per stage, and much more.


Distributes Daily Fluid Reports

Set-up distribution lists and timing and the application sends out daily fluid reports to the applicable parties. Everyone on your distribution list has total visibility into the fluid management process on an area-by-area and well-by-well basis.

You’re in Control

Juggling all of your water sources and upcoming well consumption, it is easy to get into a reactionary mode where you are putting out fires before they turn into expensive mistakes. DeepData’s Fluid Management enables you to plan, instead of just reacting. It also helps you sleep well at night.

Fluid Management

Making the customer-vendor relationship fast, easy & efficient

Instant Insight

Powerful searching, sorting, filtering and categorization gives you instant insight into any vendor information in seconds.

Real-Time Updates

Any changes to vendor information or customer requirements is instantly available to all of their partners in real-time.

Change Alerts

Customers are alerted to changes to vendor information that puts that vendor out of compliance with customer requirements.

No Filing

You are no longer spending hours every week searching through filing cabinets, all information is stored and accessible online.


Traditional vendor/customer 1:1 interactions are now 1:ALL interactions. This makes you far more efficient and effective.


This is a complete solution handling vendor qualification, approval, management, priority and then connecting the wellsite.

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