Completion Design

Completion Design: Enabling Engineered Completion
Imagine being able to optimize each frac based on lithology and other wireline data collected from drilling…and doing it all in an hour. The dream of the engineered completion is now a reality. This software unlocks a new level of optimization that simply wasn’t available before. The early results on cost savings and production increase are very compelling.

The DeepData Process

Define the Completable Lateral

We combine well details from drilling, with company or field-specific constraints such as heel and toe buffers, maximum DLS, maximum inclination, production liner top and more. From this information we define the maximum completable length.

Overlay Standard Completion Design

We take your standard stage design parameters, cluster design parameters, and perforation parameters and we overlay a standard completion design on your directional survey.

Customize Your Completion Design

Then we overlay all wireline, DLS, gamma ray, lithology (explicit or implied) stack above your directional survey. This give you the tools to customize the completion design on a stage-by-stage basis based on the rock interfacing with the lateral. All of this can be completed in less than an hour.

Share Your Design

This completion design can then be printed, emailed, and it is also integrated with our completion activity log that leverages your completion design as a template for the daily completion reporting. The data and processes fit together from design, to reporting, to ultimate data management and optimization for the next well.

Completion Design

Automated Design for your lateral perforation plan, enabling engineered completion

More Data

DeepData makes it easy to load data from the wellsite, service providers, public well data and data sharing partners…more data means better insight.

Better Data

Instead of high-level summary data that most operators typically use, we collect extremely detailed information directly from service providers. Better data means better optimization.


As web-based software, we add new features on an almost daily basis; constantly improving just like your wells will be constantly improving.

Stunning Visuals

Whether it is our beautiful dashboard, mapping, various charts, reports, comparisons, or crossplots, we focus on delivering beautiful and interactive data visualization.

You’ll Be Amazed

When demonstrating DeepData we always gets ‘wows’. Processes that would have taken hours are as simple as a few mouse clicks, and it is just as beautiful and valuable as it is easy.

Pays for Itself in 30-Days

Process improvements, NPT reduction, cost reductions and production improvement all combine to make DeepData pay for itself within 30-days for each well.

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