DeepData provides a collection of services you need to be successful. We provide the following services and are happy to discuss engagements for any or all of them.


Product Training: Get the most out of DeepFracture with product training. We provide our customers with online training videos at no cost. If you would like personalized hands-on training for an individual or a group, we are happy to arrange a training at your location. Please email


Data Input: If you would like us to input your historical well data into DeepFracture, please contact us for a quote at

Training & Education

DeepData provides both virtual and onsite training to ensure that you know the DeepData service inside and out. We can provide online or virtual training at no cost to you. If you would like onsite training, please contact us at to schedule a training session. As we expand our team, we intend to make training videos available online, and to update these regularly to reflect the constant flow of improvements to the service. Please bear with us as this will take a little time.

Professional Services

Our goal is to make the process of uploading stage data as easy as possible, enabling you and your service providers to do this in a self-service manner. However, if you have a lot of data and need some help loading it into the service, we are happy to provide that service at a very reasonable fee. Please contact for a quote on the cost of uploading your data. Please be prepared to share a sample of the data so we can reasonably estimate costs.


Soon, DeepData will provide a powerful and user-friendly online support portal. In the meantime, we are happy to handle your support emails and calls directly. Please contact us at or call (832) 930-1849.

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