Vendor Management

DeepData’s Vendor Management solution handles the grunt work of vendor management so you can focus on the important things. DeepData provides vendors with a user-friendly self-service tool for loading all of their information: insurance, areas of service, goods & services, contacts, DOT information and more. You simply enter your requirements and then manage and approve vendors. You can even prioritize vendors, instantly distributing vendor priority and contact information to the people in your company who need it. DeepData is a faster, easier and better way of managing your vendors.


  • Defines vendor requirements
  • Selects areas of operation
  • Uploads MSA
  • Invites Vendors
  • Approves & manages all vendors
  • Alerted when vendor data changes


  • Provides vendor capabilities
  • Selects areas serviced
  • Approves/redlines MSA
  • Provides contact information
  • Uploads insurance, health & safety, etc.
  • Maintains data once for all customers

The DeepData Process

Customer: Defines Requirements

You simply fill-out our online form defining your vendor requirements such as: areas of service, various insurance minimums, waiver of subrogation, named insured, and any other requirements. You also upload your standard Master Service Agreement (MSA), which you can always update. This applies to all vendors, so you only do it once.

Customer: Invites Vendors

There are three ways you can invite your vendors to use DeepData, choose your favorite. (1) complete an online form to invite each vendor; (2) load a spreadsheet that invites any number of vendors; or (3) give your vendors a code to self-register.

Vendor: Enters Their Information

DeepData is FREE for vendors. They simply click the link in the invitation email and enter their information in the online forms. This includes information about insurance, health and safety, areas serviced, services provided and more. This information is then available to all of their customers through DeepData. Inviting your customers to join is also quick and easy.

Customer: Approves Vendors

All of the vendor information is now in the system. As a customer, you can search for anything, filter by service category, or service area and more. This makes it extremely easy to manage your vendors, ensuring that you have full coverage for your needs. Then you simply approve the vendors that meet you criteria. If vendors, change their information in the future, you get alerted instantly.

Customer: Defines Vendor Priority

For each area of service and vendor category, you can define your preferred vendors by simply dragging them into the right order. This vendor priority—along with all contact information—is then instantly available to your employees using our mobile app. Or, if its easier, just print the vendor list for your area.

Vendor: Maintains Current Information

Vendors are responsible to update all information as it changes. Once an update is made, that information is instantly available to all of their customers on DeepData. This dramatically reduces the effort needed to maintain your customers and keep them informed.

Vendor Management

Making the customer-vendor relationship fast, easy & efficient

Instant Insight

Powerful searching, sorting, filtering and categorization gives you instant insight into any vendor information in seconds.

Real-Time Updates

Any changes to vendor information or customer requirements is instantly available to all of their partners in real-time.

Change Alerts

Customers are alerted to changes to vendor information that puts that vendor out of compliance with customer requirements.

No Filing

You are no longer spending hours every week searching through filing cabinets, all information is stored and accessible online.


Traditional vendor/customer 1:1 interactions are now 1:ALL interactions. This makes you far more efficient and effective.


This is a complete solution handling vendor qualification, approval, management, priority and then connecting the wellsite.

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