Modern Drilling Software for Modern Wells

You’re already collecting data for your drilling reports, why not use that same data for drilling optimization? DeepData’s drilling software captures your drilling plan and potential hazards.

It then provides that data to the wellsite supervisor who completes the activity and cost logs for your morning reports. Then that data all flows into the visualization and optimization section, where you can evaluate your key metrics, compare against other wells and figure out how to do even better the next time.

The Complete Drilling Software Solution

Drilling Planning

Quickly create your drilling plan, or clone an existing one. Put in information for each hole phase: bits, BHA, casing, motors and more. Then leverage nearby wells, to add potential drilling hazards and depths. This information is then available to the wellsite supervisors, when they plan, execute and report their daily activities.

Easy & Powerful Activity Logging

Activity logging has never been so easy, or so powerful. The wellsite supervisor simply selects an activity and the system guides him through the data required for that activity. And if a vendor provides a digital report, e.g. cement report, we’ll upload that into the activity log and then attach it to that activity. This design results in far richer information about each drilling activity.

Cost Logging

If you are using DeepData’s AFE Management solution, the cost log data flows right into it. If not, you have a full cost log in the software. The drilling software then generates a daily cost report and uses the cost data for generating various key metrics.

Drilling Reporting

Daily drilling reports, tracking activities and costs, are generated and presented to the wellsite supervisor for approval. Once approved they are distributed on schedule to the appropriate individuals and groups. Why duplicate your data collection between your reporting solution and your Excel sheets for generating key metrics? DeepData’s drilling solution combines the two functions. If you want the data in Excel, you can export your data with a single mouse click.

Powerful Data Visualization and Trend Analysis

DeepData repurposes the drilling reporting data, generating key metrics, data visualization and trend analysis. You’ll be amazed at the sorts of things you can do with DeepData. Multi-well visualizations that would normally take hours, now take seconds.

Your Drilling Data Flows into Completion

All of your drilling data flows right into DeepData’s Completion software. Your drilling data is instantly available in the Completion Design software, so you can design your completable lateral, stage, plug and perf placement customized for each well…in minutes. The drilling module captures the bulk of the data about the well making it really easy for the completion engineers; I’m sure they’ll thank you.

Well Drilling

Next generation drilling reporting with planning, visualization, and optimization

Instant Insight

Powerful searching, sorting, filtering and categorization gives you instant insight into any vendor information in seconds.

Real-Time Updates

Any changes to vendor information or customer requirements is instantly available to all of their partners in real-time.

Change Alerts

Customers are alerted to changes to vendor information that puts that vendor out of compliance with customer requirements.

No Filing

You are no longer spending hours every week searching through filing cabinets, all information is stored and accessible online.


Traditional vendor/customer 1:1 interactions are now 1:ALL interactions. This makes you far more efficient and effective.


This is a complete solution handling vendor qualification, approval, management, priority and then connecting the wellsite.

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