Helping Operating Companies Reduce Costs Increase Production

DeepData introduces a data sharing model that enables service providers to aggregate and share rich data, specific to their function, with their Operators. As a result, Operators get far richer data about their wells. Operators can then blend this well data with NonOp data, data sharing partners and public offset data, all using the same DeepData tools. This common pool of data then enables far superior well optimization, driving operational efficiencies and increased well production.



Our new approach makes data collection fast and easy, while ensuring that the data is complete and very high-quality. We provide a web-based tool for Service Providers to upload the data for you. We also provide a mobile app for your Company Man to log costs and activities. These tools dramatically reduce or eliminate your need to do data entry and quality control. All of this data is instantly available to you. By collecting all of the data from Service Providers, your well data is far more complete, resulting in better well optimization.


Further enrich your data by adding valuable offset data. Adding public data from sources like IHS and DrillingInfo is fast and easy. You can also import historical wells; or we can do it for you. Then our networked model enables you to import extremely rich well data from other DeepData users, including wells where you have a carried interest as a NonOp, or data sharing partners where you exchange selected well data through our platform.


DeepData enhances your data with key metrics, process analysis, aggregations, data normalization, and head-to-head comparisons that enable you to better track and analyze well performance. For example, we normalize your wells data by later foot, for apples-to-apples comparisons between wells. Cycles times, cycle costs, sand per lateral foot, fluid per lateral foot, stage data, all of this metadata makes it easier for you to evaluate performance, find optimizations and ultimately make better wells.


Data visualization is a powerful way to find trends, correlations, optimizations and more. We automatically graph data completion, cycle time and costs, a wide collection of stage data and key metrics, wellbore diagram with dogleg severity overlay, head-to-head comparisons, and more. Our crossplot and trend analysis tool generate more than 50,000 graphs, giving you the ability to analyze any set of wells using any combination of criteria.


DeepData leverages the interconnected nature of the Internet to help you assemble the most complete set of well data available today. Data sharing is a powerful capability that is unique to DeepData. You decide which wells and functionality you choose to share with your NonOp partners, Operating partners and data sharing partners. This bi-directional sharing dramatically enriches your data set, resulting in far more effective optimization of you wells.



DeepData makes it easy to load data from the wellsite, service providers, public well data and data sharing partners…more data means better insight.


Instead of high-level summary data that most operators typically use, we collect extremely detailed information directly from service providers. Better data means better optimization.


As web-based software, we add new features on an almost daily basis; constantly improving just like your wells will be constantly improving.


Whether it is our beautiful dashboard, mapping, various charts, reports, comparisons, or crossplots, we focus on delivering beautiful and interactive data visualization.


When demonstrating DeepData we always gets ‘wows’. Processes that would have taken hours are as simple as a few mouse clicks, and it is just as beautiful and valuable as it is easy.


Process improvements, NPT reduction, cost reductions and production improvement all combine to make DeepData pay for itself within 30-days for each well.