Geometric or Engineered Design; Faster than Excel & Better Results

You need to design your completions for multi-well pads, generate a perf plan, a pump schedule, and a completion procedure document for each one. The only viable option is to use a geometric design and a single pump schedule. Like 95% of the completion engineers, you probably take the Excel spreadsheet from your last well, update the hardlines and toe configuration to get your completable lateral. Then you apply your standard design and pump schedule. Then you probably spend a couple of hours doing quality control to avoid any copy-paste errors and you generate the operational documents (perforation plan, pump schedule, and completion procedure document). Sound familiar?

Maybe you could tune your completion design, but you don’t have time for that, you need to get those wells on production as soon as possible.

Engineers who use DeepData cut their typical design time by more than 90% and get better production results!