Can I expense DeepData to well AFE?

Yes! We bill a one-time fee per well so you can put it on your AFE. There is no hit to your G&A budget like installed software.

Can DeepData load my historical well data?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to load your historical well data at a discount to our normal price per well.

Is support included?

Yes! Our service includes support during regular 9AM – 5PM hours based on Houston TX time.

How can I share well data NonOps and data sharing partners?

Instead of the old school style of sending spreadsheets back and forth, DeepData makes it simple. You just invite your partners, define which wells they have access to (completion data, costs, etc.), specify which capabilities they have access to (graphing, reports, etc.) and they get a restricted account at no cost, where they access only the wells and the application functionality you choose to share with them.

What information can I import?

Currently, you can import: (a) well information; (b) completion information. We will be adding more import capabilities as we add more functionality to the system.

How do I import data?

Data import is simple. You create a map (mapping your import columns to fields in DeepData) and then you load your spreadsheets. We save the field mapping to make subsequent file loading a snap.

Here are several ways to contact us


Give us a call (832) 930-1849.


Soon, DeepData will provide a powerful and user-friendly online support portal.


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