DeepData Makes Your Data More Valuable to Operators

Your cutting and well log data is only valuable to Operators if they can use it to make more oil or cut costs. DeepData provides a tool for Completions Engineers to directly turn your data into better completion designs. This directly impacts well productivity, while reducing costs. Instead of selling your data as interesting to geologists, you can sell it with a direct ROI tied to well outcomes. Geologists love DeepData, because it makes their insight more valuable. It makes them an integral part of the completion design process. Completions engineers love DeepData because it saves a lot of time, while making better wells.

DeepData helps Operators group similar rock in stages, resulting in more consistent fractures. It allows you to collaborate with them to select the ideal perforation locations to maximize production and avoid issues like H2S.

Well completion accounts for approximately 60% of the cost of a well, and it typically uses a geometric design that completely ignores the well’s geology. Engineers simply don’t have the tools, or the time, to incorporate geologic insights into their completion designs. Many geologists have begun questioning whether their expertise was outdated in this era of high-speed pad wells; whether they were going the way of the dinosaur. Nothing could be further from the truth, now that there’s a tool that turns geological data into better wells.

With DeepData, geologists and engineers at Operators can now turn your lab and well log data into actionable insight. In fact, DeepData enhances the value of your data so much that Operators will ask you for more data for every well, more tests, tighter intervals, more revenue to you. Turning your data into actionable insight is the key to growing your business and DeepData is the tool that makes it all possible.