Program Description

DeepData provides a cloud-based software tool that makes it easier for completion engineers, geologists, frac designers, labs, logging companies and service providers to collaborate to improve completion designs. We make it easier for you to deliver your information, insight, and even complete frac designs in ways that are easily viewed and used by completion engineers. By seamlessly integrating your information into your operator’s completion design process, we make it more valuable to you and your customers. DeepData’s design tool costs you and your operators absolutely nothing. If your operators upgrade to the full version of DeepData’s Completion Design tool, you earn a referral bonus for each well.


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DeepData brings together all sorts of data–log files, cutting data, geomechanics, perf locations, plugs, etc.–in a drag-and-drop tool on the directional survey for their well. This makes designing or tuning a completion quick and easy. As soon as you load your data, it is available on your operators’ wells. By placing your data in their design process, it makes your data far more usable and therefore more valuable.

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Completion operators are often overwhelmed with data, but they have difficulty turning the data into valuable insight. They often ignore geological data because they cannot easily use it. They often just use Excel to create a geometric design because it’s fast and easy. DeepData makes it faster and easier to design an engineered completion using your data, than to design a geometric completion in Excel. By partnering with us, your data and our tool, we deliver a complete solution to your operators. By making it easier to deliver economic value using your data, the demand for your data will increase.

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Once the completion design is complete, DeepData can automatically generate all of the operational documents: perforation plan, pump schedule and completion procedure. This eliminates a lot of busywork, enabling your operators to focus on improving their well economics.



You might use a variety of data and tools to design completions for your operators. This might include cuttings, log files, geomechanics/MSE and more. You can design completions using your current tools (e.g. Gohfer, etc.), or you can use DeepData. If you use other tools, just load your perf and plug locations and any supporting data–e.g. .LAS files–and it is instantly visible for your operators. If you also design pump schedules, those can be loaded as well. When your operator opens their well, your design is there already. It is locked against them changing your design, but they can clone it and edit it if they wish. You might find that designing your clients’ wells in DeepData reduces your time and cost per well, improving your per-well economics.


We help operators consume your data. Simply load your data into DeepData. When your operator opens their well file, all of your data is waiting for them in the completion design palette. By making your data easier to consume, especially in the high-value process of designing the completion, it makes your data more valuable.


DeepData provides a separate cloud app for managing the collection, shipping, testing and analysis of well cuttings. The data from this app is instantly available in the DeepData Completion Design tool available to your operators. Instead of sending operators a spreadsheet of data that they can’t even consume in the Excel spreadsheet they use for designing geometric completions, DeepData makes it instantly available and usable. Dots on the design palette represent cutting data. Simply click on a dot to show all data for that rock: XRD, XRF, TOC and SEM. You cutting data can also be used to characterize the rock trends, informing stage and perf placement.


DeepData delivers your data, designs, and insights in a way that makes it more easily consumable in the completion design process. This increases the value of your information to your operators. This helps you sell your services to more operators. It also helps your existing operators justify increased services: e.g. more logging, design each well, etc.

DeepData also helps your operators design better wells. By designing their wells for the rock specific rock properties along their wellbore, they will get significantly improved cluster participation, shorter design cycles, rapid redesign in response to wellsite issues, and more. In short, DeepData makes it easier for operators and their consultants to deliver superior well economics.


What is my cost?

Nothing. There is no cost to our partners. You can deliver your data and/or designs via DeepData to your operators, who can also use the free version at no cost.

What is my operator's cost?

Nothing. Your operators can use the free version of DeepData Completion Design tool for no cost. Your operator may choose to upgrade to the full version of DeepData Completion Design at a per well fee, and we pay one partner a share of revenue of that upgrade.
Does my data (or my operator's data) get shared with other services providers or operators?
No. Data you load for an operator is only shared with that operator, we do not share your data, or the operator’s data with anyone else. Your contract should then address what your operator can do with the data you provide.
How do I load my data into DeepData?
Our flexible tool. DeepData has a powerful and easy to use data loading tool that enables you to load various files, .LAS, XSLT, .CSV, cutting data, design data, etc.

Do I load data into DeepData on speculation with the hope of selling to DeepData users?

No. At this time, all data is assigned to a specific operator or well. While we may, in the future enable a data marketplace, any such capability will be designed in coordination with our partners to satisfy their needs.

How does DeepData generate additional revenue for my company?

We pay you a 20% license fee for the Premium version of DeepData if and when your operator’s upgrade.

What are the constraints for getting a revenue share from DeepData?

(1) You provide your data to all of your operators via DeepData;

(2) Your operator upgrades at least one well to the full version of DeepData Completion Design;

(3) In the situation where the operator is working with multiple DeepData partners, we will ask which partner referred them; we only pay one partner commission per well.

What kind of data can I load into DeepData?

Everything. You can load any file into our integrated file storage associated with specific wells. Specific data files can also be loaded and integrated into the design tool such as .LAS, .XSL, CSV, cuttings, MSE data, directional surveys, depths for plus and clusters, etc.

Can I use your design tool to create my designs?

Yes. The free version of DeepData Completion Design enables a single completion design, either yours or the operators.

Do our operators require training on DeepData?

Not really. While we offer training, it is very intuitive to use. In addition, we have extensive and growing help videos that walk the user through all aspects of the application.

What is required to use DeepData?

A web browser. DeepData is a cloud-based tool, similar to Facebook, Salesforce, or GMail. As long as your operators have a web browser they can use DeepData.