An engineered completion is a better completion. Adjust stage lengths, clusters and perfs, and pump schedules…all based on the geology.

You can create a perforation plan and pump schedule, both customized for the rock, in 30 minutes.

Using Machine Learning, we combine rock properties, completion design and production results to constantly improve your methods and your results.

A typical 350% Return on Investment through better production and reduces costs.

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Geologists & Engineers Collaborating

Geologists have a ton of valuable data about the rock in each well. The problem has been that engineers didn’t have completion design tools that could leverage all of that data…until now.


DeepData enables Geologists and Engineers to collaborate on the optimal design, while supporting the ultra-fast turnaround required for pad drilling and zipper fracs. Mass customization has long been a feature of manufacturing, DeepData brings mass customization to E&Ps.

Optimize Your Completions

Better Data   |   Better Insight    |   Better Wells

Increase Your Production & Reduce Your Costs

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